Ice-trinkets, the making of

And the making of the Ice-trinkets:
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Ice trinkets

When it is all covered with snow you can still decorate and doing art.
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What should we do as we have a lot of snow, snow, much snow and a bit more of … snow. Ice-cream, of course!

In the hope you – experimenters have no doubts about the purity of your snow as me in the mountain … and  in honour of the two people who helped my car out of the snow today
here it goes:
dsc_0857 dsc_0860
There was a heart too.

1, 2, 3

dsc_0864 dsc_0867 dsc_0868 dsc_0870
Have you noticed the heart at the honey too?

And the recepie is as simple as life: you mix snow, ripe bananas and honey or experiment with other ingredients what I’ll do in the next days for sure!

All the Advents

In different interpretations I checked they are following symbols of Jesus to find for the 4 Advents candles: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace or Expectation, Hope, Joy and Purity. No matter what you choose or even if you didn’t kow it till now as me, you can cherish every virtue that is human and remind us of God!
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And the making of:
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