The Grass Van on tour

They are German, they are open minded and open hearted, they are sooo nice, they travel  for six years around the world now and their family is growing. You can see them sometimes gathering the mess some other people have left behind them – for sake of this planet. The Grass Van is Australian but you can see it now in Europe, after a long trip for diving in the culture of Asia.
I met them on the Black See coast in Bulgaria and hope to see them some other time in some other country again – because our conversation just started and seemed to be endless.
Next stop of the van – Austria.

Harz im Harz

Harz means in German pitch, the Harz mountain is acctually the pitch mountain.
At the Harz mountain I was given a present – many pitch pieces – in the form of tree tears or even juwery from the famous Kaliningrad, Königsberg.
Thank you!

Walpurgis in the Harz mountain

It is time again to go a bit crazy in Harz, at the foot of the Brocken peak. Here it is: Walpurgis, tonight.
But it is also a time to think about many things we take for granted and acctually we don’t question as we should.
To read (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Mann and Edward Albee or Bram Stoker – you see a lot of lecture), to read, to think over and to stay and be human after all!

And I was there too and enjoyed my performance.

Walpurgis night

A night post of mine! Because this night is Walpurgis – the celebrated in Nord Europe feast.
More details you can see for example here:
From me – the decoration moments at the Harz mountain. And don’t wonder, most of them are staying the whole year long because this is the symbol of Harz:
DSC_0123DSC_0128DSC_0126DSC_0119DSC_0127 DSC_0122 DSC_0124 DSC_0129 DSC_0130 DSC_0120DSC_0131 DSC_0132 DSC_0136 DSC_0137 DSC_0138DSC_0149 DSC_0148DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0147DSC_0142 DSC_0143 DSC_0144 DSC_0146 DSC_0150

Thoughts for the end of the year

My end of the year began mid November as I travelled to my country of origin, to my once beloved home town and being back to my heart, travelling back in times I was an other person, the old – new me. I was happy and living. And it’s healing, it’s re-charging! Acctually I left not so long ago, but it seems to be centuries away from my acctual point of view. I met old friends and some of the new virtual too. Some people I couldn’t see despite the strong wish from both sides. But that’s life. Everything and everyone changes but they remain the same in some way, or even improve. So do relationships.
It was my 40th Birthday too.  And it changed me really, but in a very positive way and now I feel stronger, calmer, steady and bigger.
Changing rapidly plans, changing the everyday, being strong, compassioned, soft, gentle, but also childish, smart, creative, fast, following passions …
I gave alms and received from others, I was angry, sad, waited things I never received, by good fortune many things puzzled for good. I enjoyed perfect food and drinks and acctually lost weight. I dived in some old traditions and felt good, very good.
As the most biggest surprise this year I would define that I understood that a friend of mine I consider as white is acctually black by origin.
The most inspiring thing was to observe 2 of my friends losing weight and feeling strong with it.

Sometimes to miss a plane makes you feel good, brings you to wisdm toughts and proves your assumptions and … frendships! Having not enough time to prepare Christmas I was the perfect mistress of the house and the holiday was saved!

Gifts! Gifts! You won’t beleive me but I didn’t receive any. Harder to beleive is that it doesn’t hurt. That’s right, it doesn’t at all! I count a tropical flower I received the day before and copple of wooden necklases from a good friend of mine and a sister in fate some weeks ago. And I count so many other things like: I created some personal gifts in time, I succeed to get in time some thematical gifts for my sweetest, I saw by occasion so many good sentences, even whole novels, I gave as a present 3 free e-books to so many people I could. My wish to see health improvements in my beloved ones came true and I’m so thankful for!
I didn’t receive jet my cherished wish to have back a comrade of mine, who’s still prefering to drink so much beer he can take to survive in his nightmare and once we used to share so many things and that repulsion of his hurts really bad, every day. Only thing that left me at this situation is never to lose faith. I tryed with some other things he didn’t wanted … So I’m giving him my biggest faith for a present this year and no other gift!

My greatest satisfaction came with the idea for this year’s greeting cards. You won’t see them because they were also very personal. First I bought materials to make my own greeting cards, but than I deceided to use buyed with a slight personal touch. I made separate some cards with children which they’ll give to their fathers and personal for them to read when they learn to, I sent one last-year-card again, travelled back to me the whole year, I sticked one to the door of a neighbour lady I speak and share to every couple of years without knowing even her name.
I sent my good thoughts for the person instead of Christmas wishes. Thereby I received at Christmas so many words and thoughts back – surprised, thankful, but also sincere so I felt rich!

At the 12th hour I will recall some good days and with a year and a half delay I will taste a gift from the see, a good rose wine given to me acctually to be opened last New Year’s eve … I spent chatting with a new friend, who is the author of the one of the free e-books I gave away for Christmas. Circle of Live, what else! 🙂

DSC_0267 (33)DSC_0251 (34)DSC_0295 (31)DSC_0257 (33)
DSC_0465 (23) DSC_0387 (27)DSC_0484 (22)DSC_0374 (28) DSC_0300 (32)  DSC_0281 (33) DSC_0277 (33) DSC_0275 (34)



An afternoon trip to Amsterdam

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

I remember my last and only two hours stay at the airport, the so called Schiphol, several years ago. I remember it with Rembrand at the toilet walls and doors, with the lasyness of a … living crowded airport.
Now I was even for a walk at the city. And it’s amazing too. It’s a must see.
Just take a look:

Let’s start with delicious things. There you see food on each corner.
I didn’t find the garlic ice-cream an old lady told me inspired about before, but I still believe it’s somewhere there too! Because there are tons of.DSC_0935DSC_0965
Supermarkets are small shops and not like the big german store-chains.DSC_0939
Suddenly someone offers you a delicious mini cupcake at the street: “We have just opened our store! Have a piece. Just don’t eat the flower! Where are you from?”, says she open-hearted and explains the story of the shop. “Amsterdam is not for sale! And the women across the street too. We support an initiative. Some of them are not of their own free will here …”
DSC_0959DSC_0960    DSC_0967
Pride or just like every day? Who knows!
pride or just like this
The streets are really very crowded.
And you could be accidently hit by a tram …

But there is always a safe place to read a bit from the Koran.
reading the Koran

The bicycles are also everywhere.
DSC_0917DSC_0990  DSC_0987DSC_0983 DSC_0986

Narrow streets – not a problem, tiny cars besides the bikes are the solution!
DSC_0924small waste cars DSC_0971 DSC_0954 and a lot of bikes

Different kind of birds are living freely at this city.
DSC_0955 DSC_0975 DSC_0972 DSC_0969 DSC_0964DSC_0942
Not to forget hemp, everywhere. Yes, there is and you can smell it too! Than you ask yourself is this making all those people looking so free-minded, open-hearted and just happy?
DSC_0940 DSC_0952 DSC_0951
But they are other flowers, and however a lot and everywhere too.
DSC_0943 DSC_0949 DSC_0950 DSC_0957
And a lot of street artists.
Like this no name guy on the corner of the buldog canal at the red district with the magical hands and nice voice. He knows what a distaff is. Do you?
And guess what a gift from him I choosed!
The spoon with the heart, of course, of course!DSC_0937
Some of them are performing “for weed” as they claim.
for weed

I look at a wrought iron as a kind of an art too. Again a lot and everywhere! DSC_0948  DSC_0966 DSC_0953
Those hooks are to help lifting furniture.
And not to forget the canals.

grand canalsDSC_0956red canalsDSC_0977DSC_0963
100% Holland