A story of a plum-tree

There was a guest at my friend’s Pavleta’s guest-house who suggested how to treat the ill tree and there happened a miracle: the tree gave a lot of plums, and I was there and tasted the fruits, the juice, the jam and had fun!


14. of February, day of the wine

As a Bulgrian I can not forget to celebrate at this day the wine too and I hurry to catch the end of the day because I dedicate this post to my secret, almost imaginary friend, I share so much with her and I think she sleeps already!

I’m so proud that I found in Germany the Bulgarian wine Kadarka. This wine is a part of the memories of so many (mostly Eastern) Germans who recall it together with the Black See and the beautiful girls they met back than at the sixties … But I found so much more of the world precious wine.DSC_0592 (22)DSC_0589 (21)DSC_0593 (21)DSC_0598 (19)
DSC_0583 (21)
DSC_0603 (18)
South Africa
DSC_0585 (22)
DSC_0595 (19)DSC_0599 (16)
DSC_0582 (21)
DSC_0604 (19)

DSC_0600 (18)




Because I’m living at the mountains now some plants blossom here later. But I hurry to post this before it’s to late.

Elder, Sambucus nigra
DSC_0626 (10)DSC_0623 (10)DSC_0737 (9)DSC_0727 (10)DSC_0736 (9)DSC_0722 (10)
You  should cut the green stalks as short as possible.DSC_0708 (10)
Tnan you soak the blossoms in water and brown cane sugar for 24 hours, you stir from time to time, you strain the liquid after this and fill best in dark bottles.
DSC_0741 (8) DSC_0739 (9)
If you want to perserve the precious syrup for a longer time you can boil or cook the bottles in the oven for some short time.
My try to make the fresh one fizzy the with some rice failed. Probably it’s the rice kind … I used paraboiled.
Than you can start immediately enjoying the refreshment.
DSC_0259 (26)DSC_0265 (25)DSC_0272 (27)
The rest you can dry for tea. During this time it’s a natural scent and pure sweetness.  DSC_0242 (26) DSC_0251 (27) DSC_0245 (27)