A tree from many leaves

For best results first (press and) dry the leaves so they won’t lose colour in the time.


A walk through the beautiful forest of Walkenried at the Harz mointain

Lakes, trees, wooden benches, plants, mushrooms, berries, some hearts of lovers, midget cave, fort ruines, first autmn leafes.
And many more. Thank you for the invitation!

The Autumn is greeting you with a card

The Autumn is greeting you with a card, with many colours from occasionally picked up leafs.
It all started from a single, made on a hurry card for a refugee child missing it’s disappeared present.

Than they turend into a collection of two sizes.
It will come more!
dsc_0235 dsc_0234 dsc_0232 dsc_0231 dsc_0224 dsc_0223dsc_0221dsc_0202 dsc_0216 dsc_0214 dsc_0210 dsc_0208dsc_0236

the red tree art project

Only for a week the red tree gave me the opportunity to use his falen leafs for something artistical. And I did it.
DSC_0449 (21)  DSC_0450 (21)DSC_0457 (21)DSC_0448 (22)DSC_0447 (22)DSC_0446 (22)DSC_0444 (22)DSC_0441 (21)DSC_0453 (21)DSC_0458 (21)DSC_0459 (20)DSC_0460 (21)DSC_0520 (21)DSC_0456 (20)DSC_0521 (21)DSC_0472 (21)DSC_0473 (21)     DSC_0498 (21) DSC_0475 (22)DSC_0527 (18)DSC_0496 (22)      DSC_0517 (21)DSC_0493 (22)DSC_0525 (21)          DSC_0530 (21)