A miracle of love, orchid

Nature knows Her things and knows what is good.
Even though it is probably grown in some forcing-house before it came to me, even though I grow it at my house and not out and in land of origin, this orchid came to life and blossoming again. With all of my love and no forcing things, no artificial vitamin Bs, nothing additional buyed. And the best of all: I only did the preparation in providing the conditions and the orchid did all the rest by itself, and as I was even not there but on vacation so the surprise was there as I came back!
The small one was from my neighbour. I thought I could save it too and so bring some more happiness in her life in separation. It didn’t made it. But so is life.



Maria, just Maria!
She has a Birthday today!
I wish her all the Best and something more, and many more.
She is now a grown-up woman, wise, full of Love and so many beautiful things.
She has it all in her past, present and future:
contradictions living together and complementing each other
She cleans everything in life with Love

She has a burning Heart

and fresh mind,

which is leaving a perfect note.

She knows what matters in life,

what’s hot

and what rotten.

Just be happy, my dear! Happy Birthday!

Harz im Harz

Harz means in German pitch, the Harz mountain is acctually the pitch mountain.
At the Harz mountain I was given a present – many pitch pieces – in the form of tree tears or even juwery from the famous Kaliningrad, Königsberg.
Thank you!

Mother’s day

Yesterday a mother gave me a gift – a prayer. A christian prayer to God, powerful prayer. There, among the words were also words about the meaning of motherhood. At this day, called Mother’s day in the western world I otter up a prayer for all mothers at this world. Thinking about the absurd described by Aldous Huxley in “Brave new world” the word mother to be obscene. May this absurd never happen!

Here some paper wrappings with flair. Just to be beautiful!
Flowers can say it but not always, and also beauty will save the world, you know!