Bunny doll named Pavleta

A fashion review of this sweet bunny named Pavleta on her creator.


Kandinski is very educational

Kandinski is educational! I shortly introduced his circles to 4 kids and we made interpretations on them on cement rests from renovation works.
See: I’m getting students …

Harz im Harz

Harz means in German pitch, the Harz mountain is acctually the pitch mountain.
At the Harz mountain I was given a present – many pitch pieces – in the form of tree tears or even juwery from the famous Kaliningrad, Königsberg.
Thank you!

Autumn leafs blinds

Collecting colourful leafs, putting them between two sheets of plastic foil and the blinds are done. They stick to the window without any sticker or tape.
My leafs were slightly weat so it appeared some unexpected frost effect.

dsc_0512dsc_0489dsc_0490dsc_0491dsc_0493dsc_0494dsc_0495dsc_0499dsc_0502dsc_0509dsc_0515 dsc_0538 dsc_0533 dsc_0532 dsc_0523 dsc_0522 dsc_0521dsc_0539 dsc_0542 dsc_0544
Only one more idea at the end: you should better first herbarize the leafs like those in my frame so they don’t dry or lose colour. Leafs from this year could be used the next. This was my experience this Autumn.
dsc_0163 dsc_0194 dsc_0907