Half a thing – a whole one

Annother half a thing publication. This time – for a lady who lost her half and found herself more whole than ever.
Happy Birthday, Eva!


Half a thing, rime

I’m starting a new line of photographs, I call half a thing with this perfect lines of the nature: horizontal, vertical or even diagonal.
First: rime, a beautiful play of the water and the coldness.
Here they are!
DSC_0704 (14) DSC_0705 (15) DSC_0706 (14) DSC_0708 (15) DSC_0709 (15) DSC_0710 (15) DSC_0712 (13) DSC_0713 (14) DSC_0714 (15) DSC_0715 (15) DSC_0716 (14) DSC_0717 (14) DSC_0718 (14) DSC_0719 (15) DSC_0720 (14) DSC_0721 (14) DSC_0722 (15)