My photo-recipe for home made pesto:



A story of a plum-tree

There was a guest at my friend’s Pavleta’s guest-house who suggested how to treat the ill tree and there happened a miracle: the tree gave a lot of plums, and I was there and tasted the fruits, the juice, the jam and had fun!

Double cake dish

Cake crust: 4 eggs, oat milk, brown cane sugar and honey, carob powder, almond powder and a bit whole wheat flower, lemon juice & baking soda.
Syrup after baking with stevia & Sideritis scardica (Mursalski from the Rhodopi mointains) tea.
Chocolate cream: the best cocoa (I won’t tell the brand!), 3 eggs, milk & butter, coconut butter, after cooking – maple syrup. I blend it for a creamy texture.
There it goes: The Rock, where the princess and the prince meet …

… to eat a chocolate cake from the same dish!
The end.

Midnight banana bread cake

First you make it with a heart or two.
Than you serve with a heart.
Recipe is banana bread without any hazelnuts: ripe bananas, eggs, honey and a bit brown cane shugar, cinamon, butter and whole flour, lemon juice and baking soda. Cream-syrup: carob or cocoa powder, honey and sesam paste and weat coconut split (which got at the side of the cake naturally and made it perfect). That’s it!

dsc_0190 dsc_0189 dsc_0188 dsc_0186


What should we do as we have a lot of snow, snow, much snow and a bit more of … snow. Ice-cream, of course!

In the hope you – experimenters have no doubts about the purity of your snow as me in the mountain … andย  in honour of the two people who helped my car out of the snow today
here it goes:
dsc_0857 dsc_0860
There was a heart too.

1, 2, 3

dsc_0864 dsc_0867 dsc_0868 dsc_0870
Have you noticed the heart at the honey too?

And the recepie is as simple as life: you mix snow, ripe bananas and honey or experiment with other ingredients what I’ll do in the next days for sure!

And now serious: Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, I have a real cake, not only the wooden one.
An apple cake: handmade apple mous in the crust, fresh apple compote instead of syrup. When I get serious, you will see the recipe as a comment. Until than:
4+1=5 (that’s why the number of candles)
1-4= -3
1/4= 25%
41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41
Just 41!

Ups, I went childish again, sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚
(And I’m drinking only my fresh made apple juce today. Besides the juce of my pikcled vegetables …)

dsc_0807dsc_0808dsc_0812dsc_0828 dsc_0827 dsc_0824 dsc_0823 dsc_0820 dsc_0813dsc_0938dsc_0935dsc_0932dsc_0954dsc_0963dsc_0965dsc_0952dsc_0955 dsc_0806