The Grass Van on tour

They are German, they are open minded and open hearted, they are sooo nice, they travel  for six years around the world now and their family is growing. You can see them sometimes gathering the mess some other people have left behind them – for sake of this planet. The Grass Van is Australian but you can see it now in Europe, after a long trip for diving in the culture of Asia.
I met them on the Black See coast in Bulgaria and hope to see them some other time in some other country again – because our conversation just started and seemed to be endless.
Next stop of the van – Austria.

Harz im Harz

Harz means in German pitch, the Harz mountain is acctually the pitch mountain.
At the Harz mountain I was given a present – many pitch pieces – in the form of tree tears or even juwery from the famous Kaliningrad, Königsberg.
Thank you!

Walpurgis in the Harz mountain

It is time again to go a bit crazy in Harz, at the foot of the Brocken peak. Here it is: Walpurgis, tonight.
But it is also a time to think about many things we take for granted and acctually we don’t question as we should.
To read (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Mann and Edward Albee or Bram Stoker – you see a lot of lecture), to read, to think over and to stay and be human after all!

And I was there too and enjoyed my performance.

Walpurgis night

A night post of mine! Because this night is Walpurgis – the celebrated in Nord Europe feast.
More details you can see for example here:
From me – the decoration moments at the Harz mountain. And don’t wonder, most of them are staying the whole year long because this is the symbol of Harz:
DSC_0123DSC_0128DSC_0126DSC_0119DSC_0127 DSC_0122 DSC_0124 DSC_0129 DSC_0130 DSC_0120DSC_0131 DSC_0132 DSC_0136 DSC_0137 DSC_0138DSC_0149 DSC_0148DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0147DSC_0142 DSC_0143 DSC_0144 DSC_0146 DSC_0150

Veteranenfreunde Südharz – continuing with trecker

Trecker – the extension, as promised.
Some names not more existing, some – united, other known from other machines and the best – still producing new models.
David Brown
David Brown
DSC_0273 (28)
DSC_0180 (28)
Ferguson & Massey-Ferguson
DSC_0168 (30) DSC_0171 (31)DSC_0286 (26)
DSC_0288 (26)
DSC_0272 (28)
Lanz & Lanz-Bulldog
DSC_0172 (29)DSC_0290 (26)
The oldest model at the exhibition, 78 years young!
Zukunft at the background means future, isn’t it perfect!
DSC_0266 (27)DSC_0267 (27)
DSC_0185 (30)
DSC_0177 (29)
DSC_0174 (30)
Porsche Diesel
DSC_0280 (28)
DSC_0285 (25)
And a beautiful detail – the wheel rims:
DSC_0196 (28) DSC_0198 (28) DSC_0200 (28) DSC_0202 (27) DSC_0275 (28)

Veteranenfreunde Südharz – what a veteran reunion!

Cars! Beautiful old cars met today in Walkenried, the gorgeous old Südharz city in Germany.
Let’s remember … or just to see for the fist time those pieces of technical art.
Let’s begin in alphabetical order!
Does it looks familiar?
DSC_0207 (29)
Yeees, indeed: AUDI – Auto Union der Deutschen Industrie!
They made cross road cars and motorcycles too.
DSC_0209 (25)
BMW made small city cars once.
DSC_0298 (25)
Have you ever seen Escalibur?
DSC_0206 (27) DSC_0203 (28) - Kopie

A Ferrari in khaki, why not!
DSC_0216 (27)
navigation, airconditioning, dangerous animals and simply style …
DSC_0214 (29)DSC_0262 (26) DSC_0319 (25) DSC_0300 (26)

DSC_0241 (26)
DSC_0236 (25)
Jaguar – no, I didn’t stretch the picture!
DSC_0248 (28)

DSC_0223 (29)
Mercedes – look what did they had! Whipers, wipers on the head-lights! 
DSC_0308 (25)DSC_0311 (25)  DSC_0295 (25) DSC_0239 (28) DSC_0220 (29)DSC_0153 (33)
Opel – two generations
DSC_0211 (27) DSC_0226 (28)
DSC_0260 (26)
DSC_0229 (28)
Trabant – just look at the eyeshade!
DSC_0256 (27)
DSC_0233 (27)
DSC_0228 (29)
DSC_0251 (28) DSC_0218 (29)
Look at those clouds!
DSC_0258 (28)

To be continued with the other part – treckers.