Oettlingen – the whole city an open air art gallery

It is the last German village on the border to Switzerland, I was there with the rain, but it is still remarcable, this city of wine: very green and it is the whole city an open air art gallery with real canvas paintings on the walls of many of the houses and sculptures in the gardens. Just unique! And there at the end is Switzerland.


The Autumn said good-bye with a card

And a last card, a bit different and many Autumn envelopes. The Autumn said good-bye.
dsc_0993dsc_0995dsc_0994 dsc_0267 dsc_0268 dsc_0269 dsc_0270 dsc_0271 dsc_0272 dsc_0274 dsc_0275

Autumn leafs blinds

Collecting colourful leafs, putting them between two sheets of plastic foil and the blinds are done. They stick to the window without any sticker or tape.
My leafs were slightly weat so it appeared some unexpected frost effect.

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Only one more idea at the end: you should better first herbarize the leafs like those in my frame so they don’t dry or lose colour. Leafs from this year could be used the next. This was my experience this Autumn.
dsc_0163 dsc_0194 dsc_0907