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Hearts seen by others, again

This year some of my friends confided to me their hearts.
Thank you for the trust and for the love!
12064415_616824785123782_690582489_n 13413805_10206895891978702_990584638_n 13615206_630583583785553_746824404261315315_n 14218533_755577664581826_612897251_n 14793842_782686358537623_240301071_n 14797407_782686495204276_625643463_n 14800866_782686525204273_1200146038_n 16468869_840512026088389_749870203_n ot-asya


One thought on “Hearts seen by others, again

  1. Сърца, видяни от други, отново.
    Тази година някои от моите приятели ми довериха сърцата си.
    Благодаря ви за доверието и за любовта!

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