To all the terrorists, abettors and ideologists

I think about posting this since the Summer. In the hope every occasion I missed was the last one and my hearts, your hearts, someone’s occasional hearts are not needed I prolonged it till today. Now I’m afraid they will be missed, but still:

To all the terrorists, abettors and ideologists:
If my pictures reach you, please stand still, think about only for a minute and feel the Love around. May the next time you see a heart by occasion be the next time you think about the Love and we get twice! This is my gentle curse for you!
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All the Advents

In different interpretations I checked they are following symbols of Jesus to find for the 4 Advents candles: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace or Expectation, Hope, Joy and Purity. No matter what you choose or even if you didn’t kow it till now as me, you can cherish every virtue that is human and remind us of God!
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And the making of:
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