My Helloween sweet course

A pumpkin Рdark dark chocolate  muffins.
The orange part is made from raw pumpkin, some flower, olive oil and a bit of maple sirup. The dark part contains also a lot of cocoa and dates.
Simple and sweet!
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Un unexpected guest

After this bird’s visit I didn’t clean my windows (not those on the computer) for a while. It bumped into my window, we gave it some quick care at home and the food outside. Now it’s free again. The remembarance of the little bullfinch is still there …
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The Autumn is greeting you with a card

The Autumn is greeting you with a card, with many colours from occasionally picked up leafs.
It all started from a single, made on a hurry card for a refugee child missing it’s disappeared present.

Than they turend into a collection of two sizes.
It will come more!
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