Love in the core

Happy, happy Birthday my dear friend and companion, Ralitsa!
I know you find the Love in every single detail as me.
Thank you for sharing same passions with me and that I could learn so much from you about life too!
Sometimes two make one heart together …DSC_0412
sometimes hearts are split in many directions  DSC_0835 (10)DSC_0836 (9)
but always they hide important beauty:

IMAG5456DSC_0086 (40) IMAG2096 DSC_0510 (7) DSC_0410 DSC_0335 (20) DSC_0306 (12) DSC_0282 (19) DSC_0233 (18) DSC_0231 (21) DSC_0114 (42) DSC_0101 (39) DSC_0100 (34) DSC_0099 (37) DSC_0098 (36) DSC_0093 (38) DSC_0089 (37)