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Rain drops on the window

I checked it up with other people, it’s sunny and bright at other spots on Earth. But here, it’s raining.
DSC_0307 (31) DSC_0308 (32) DSC_0309 (30) DSC_0310 (32) DSC_0311 (32) DSC_0312 (31) DSC_0313 (31) DSC_0315 (30)
The sun is showing up. Ther’s a hope …
DSC_0306 (32) DSC_0314 (32)
and love!
DSC_0305 (31)


One thought on “Rain drops on the window

  1. Дъждовни капки на прозореца
    Сверих го с други хора. На други места на планетата е слънчево и приветливо. Но тук, тук вали.

    Слънцето се показва. Има надежда …

    и любов!

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