My Tree of Life cake

First attempt, it could be better! The painting thing, I mean. Thank you , oh Great Klimt – for the inspiration to make it and to search some information about the tree of Life! Next time – with colour, I promise!
The taste: it goes with every raw cake I make up and up! The recipe comes in a comment.
DSC_0091 (42) DSC_0094 (43) DSC_0096 (43) DSC_0097 (43) DSC_0098 (44) DSC_0100 (42) DSC_0102 (44) DSC_0106 (43)DSC_0104 (43)

And a heart, of course!
DSC_0111 (45)
Are you now some more … Buddhas?


Happy International Woman’s Day!

So many and so different! And actually – not so different! May the woman’s power be with all of you!
DSC_0405 (28) DSC_0408 (27) DSC_0409 (28)DSC_0419 (25) DSC_0410 (28) DSC_0412 (25) DSC_0413 (24) DSC_0415 (24) DSC_0416 (25)DSC_0407 (28)DSC_0406 (27)

The old green shawl of mama

It all began as I washed by mistake in the washing machine the old dark green shawl of mama I kept for me from her stuff. It got gathered but it soon began to tear. It was acction time! Look what I’ve created with some lace in the same colour. And I wore it on a date, and it came into a poem too …
Just wonderful! Thanks, mama!
DSC_0713 (15) DSC_0075DSC_0080DSC_0070 (39)DSC_0077DSC_0710 (16) DSC_0709 (16)DSC_0090 DSC_0071 (45)DSC_0074DSC_0707 (12) DSC_0711 (12)DSC_0706 (15) DSC_0081DSC_0085 DSC_0083 DSC_0066 (46)