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Winter at my home

I love winter! After the Christmas decorations I needed to keep the spirit of something magical and saw it everywhere at my home.
DSC_0138 (39)DSC_0181 (37) DSC_0180 (35) DSC_0177 (36) DSC_0175 (36) DSC_0168 (37) DSC_0167 (37) DSC_0166 (37) DSC_0162 (36) DSC_0159 (37) DSC_0158 (36) DSC_0156 (40) DSC_0145 (36) DSC_0140 (39) DSC_0139 (40)


One thought on “Winter at my home

  1. Зимата в моя дом
    Обичам зимата! След Коледните украси се нуждаех да запазя духа на нещо вълшебно и го видях навсякъде в моя дом.

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