14. of February, day of the wine

As a Bulgrian I can not forget to celebrate at this day the wine too and I hurry to catch the end of the day because I dedicate this post to my secret, almost imaginary friend, I share so much with her and I think she sleeps already!

I’m so proud that I found in Germany the Bulgarian wine Kadarka. This wine is a part of the memories of so many (mostly Eastern) Germans who recall it together with the Black See and the beautiful girls they met back than at the sixties … But I found so much more of the world precious wine.DSC_0592 (22)DSC_0589 (21)DSC_0593 (21)DSC_0598 (19)
DSC_0583 (21)
DSC_0603 (18)
South Africa
DSC_0585 (22)
DSC_0595 (19)DSC_0599 (16)
DSC_0582 (21)
DSC_0604 (19)

DSC_0600 (18)




Someone’s love letters to someone

Some ideas from me about the packaging, what to write inside is up to your heart: you can say it with some dry flower reminding of sweet momories, with a trigger picture application or with precious words.
DSC_0993 (7)DSC_0998 (7)DSC_0992 (7)DSC_0974 (7)DSC_0498 (22)DSC_0496 (23)DSC_0495 (23)DSC_0572 (21)DSC_0574 (22)DSC_0579 (22)DSC_0580 (21)DSC_0624DSC_0102 (43)
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