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the red tree art project

Only for a week the red tree gave me the opportunity to use his falen leafs for something artistical. And I did it.
DSC_0449 (21)  DSC_0450 (21)DSC_0457 (21)DSC_0448 (22)DSC_0447 (22)DSC_0446 (22)DSC_0444 (22)DSC_0441 (21)DSC_0453 (21)DSC_0458 (21)DSC_0459 (20)DSC_0460 (21)DSC_0520 (21)DSC_0456 (20)DSC_0521 (21)DSC_0472 (21)DSC_0473 (21)     DSC_0498 (21) DSC_0475 (22)DSC_0527 (18)DSC_0496 (22)      DSC_0517 (21)DSC_0493 (22)DSC_0525 (21)          DSC_0530 (21)


2 thoughts on “the red tree art project

  1. Творчески проект червеното дърво
    Само за една седмица червеното дърво ми даде възможност да използвам опадалите му листа за нещо творческо. И аз ги използвах.

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