Shazlin’s roses

I catched them in a special stage of beauty. One passion more we share with this perfect lady Shazlin.

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Autumn lights

My autmn leafs inspiration.
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Happy 40 to me!

Yes – 40! The roses on my birthday cake are 40. So the years of my life!
I’ve always thought, I wouldn’t pay such attention to this number, to this age. But I did today! And it was in a very positive way. Surprisingly too.
Probably the enormous amounth of good wishes did it’s job. I wasn’t able to see them untill now and as I’m writing this in the evening I’m feeling so happy I can not describe. Thank all of you who contributed this day to be so perfect! Chance or not, I recalled today so many people, happenings and even places in my past, everywhere I went there was something reminding me of my life and it was some kind full of wisdom and comfort for my soul.
Shazlin  realized my dream cake and we made a perfect start of the day with a woman’s chat about art, life, the true things in it, cake making passions and, and, and … I received from her also several other gifts as this quince jam  it was a part of the cake’s recipe and from a strange salesman – unexpected gift, an earthenware water-pitcher, which you’ll see some day in my pictures …

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