Custom designed cards

I made a card to accompany a gift of mine. Than it got viral …
The first one was for a digger fan:
DSC_0426 (19)DSC_0445 (18)DSC_0440 (18)DSC_0428 (20)DSC_0423 (17)
For a small princess. Here and by the next book I added some custom divider lace too:
DSC_0523 (17)DSC_0541 (16)DSC_0540 (16)DSC_0537 (15)DSC_0535 (17)DSC_0533 (17)DSC_0528 (17)DSC_0526 (16)
Good night stories for a baby:
DSC_0492 (16)DSC_0518 (17)DSC_0515 (16)DSC_0512 (17)DSC_0510 (17)DSC_0505 (18)DSC_0500 (18)DSC_0499 (18)DSC_0497 (16)DSC_0502 (18)
And this days I fell in love with an internet call from his mom to gratuate some unknown boy named Toby for his 5th Birthday and I did it with this card. I won’t show you what is inside but they are big stars too:
DSC_0719 (11)  DSC_0717 (10) DSC_0712 (10)DSC_0718 (10)DSC_0722 (11)DSC_0720 (10)DSC_0725 (12)