Green tree of love

On this tree there were plenty of hearts. I’m pretty sure if I had the time to search for more there would be. 🙂
I dedicate this post to the new life! Hello and welcome baby Z! ❤
DSC_0137 (19) - Kopie

DSC_0138 (19) - Kopie DSC_0139 (19) - Kopie DSC_0140 (17) - Kopie DSC_0142 (19) - Kopie DSC_0143 (17)


Bunch of tender flowers

Those tender flowers were ment to be mowed and I created instead of losing them this beauty.

Surpisingly it lasted for days after the shooting. Probably to remind me how much stamina there is in nature.
DSC_0941 (2)  DSC_0903 (2) DSC_0902 (2) DSC_0962DSC_0901 (2)DSC_0915 (2)

DSC_0890 (2) DSC_0887 (2)

DSC_0919 (2) DSC_0880 (2)