So much style on VW-Syndicate Meeting Göttingen in Germany

I’m a Sunday-driver!

No, I have not a new fancy oldtimer, yet. 😉 But beside watching the Formula 1 race running in Hungary I’m uploading those pictures from an occasion I wisited few hours ago. See it for yourself: so much beauty and style on one place, combined with joy and joke, so much personal styles were shown there. Today’s VW & Co meeting was a banquet for the eyes of the visitors and pride for the owners and the artists who created those pieces of automotive art.

Lets begin with some GOLD
DSC_0108 (15)

DSC_0109 (16)

DSC_0110 (15)

DSC_0111 (16)
And a little bit RUST
DSC_0061 (16)DSC_0097 (14)

And why not many different textures

DSC_0069 (15)
DSC_0038 (18) DSC_0074 (16) DSC_0080 (14) DSC_0087 (14)

DSC_0051 (16)
DSC_0042 (18) DSC_0046 (19) DSC_0052 (16) DSC_0063 (16) DSC_0081 (15)

And beautiful wheel rims
DSC_0041 (19) DSC_0053 (16) DSC_0076 (15) DSC_0077 (15) DSC_0085 (15)


Trees speaking of … love

Some trees are speaking … with their shapes or only with some parts of them, on some trees people are putting singns or even announcemens. Here I open the series of the speaking trees with the best thing speaking ever of: LOVE. ❤

DSC_0339 (6) DSC_0341 (6) DSC_0344 (6) DSC_0345 (3)All of this trees are shooted at once, at an alley near the sea. I don’t really know and could only guess if the hearts were someone’s work years ago or it happened naturally …