Hard as a stone, soft as … a heart

And this is my special collection of heart formed stones.

I dedicate this post to Anne because she made me some kind of stone gift!

With all of my love, Anne! ❤




Hearts from my friends

As I made a mention here I inspired allready some of my friedns to make their own pictures of the accidental hearts they see.
And I thik selebrating St. Valentine’s day is the best occasion to show them here.
Just enjoy:

from Tsveti and Sveti 😉

from Angy (not that Angy 😉 )

l (10) - Kopie

l (2) - Kopie

l (4) - Kopie

from Lucy
We won’t say what it is from … 😉

and a small potato one from Diki

Go on, my friends, go on! ❤