Brasilian Brigadeiros

Candy, truffles, chocolates, chcolate bonbons … NO, brigareiros do Brasil!

Made with international ingredients, learned to prepare them in PortuguĂȘs! How does it come? We listened to original cozinha videos of brasilian receitas and we learned a lot from them, so nice experience, and so yummy delicioso! See: you understand it too! 🙂

Elderflower syrup

Pick some amount of elderflower, put it into (boiled) water for several hours, stir from time to time, strain and mix with unrefined sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Than you can drink it diluted with (fizzy) water. So easy! To preserve the syrup for a longer time you need to boil it shortly or for a thicker consistency – a little bit more in time. Fill in amber bottles still hot and live them upside down until complete cooling.

Or drink it as a tea.

We built a house

The Raspberry Villa was a project for first learning how to build a real house. We think the good fairy will give it finally to the birds in the garden at winter time and go to live in some tree.

Notice: this is no paint but burning technique. We hope it is more durable.

Sometimes there is need to adjust a nail.

The bookbinder

Der Buchbinder – learning German in doing hand paper art and writing down this beautiful poem.
Everything around the bookbinding.

And have you noticed the hearts? This is because it was worked with love.

Many greetings to the bookbinder!

A greeting card from hand made paper

At the Waldorf school they made paper. It must be turned out in something more, something meaningful in order to be complete. What could be better as a personal notice, a letter, a piece of art itself …

Missis D. ordered a painting

Actually she did that a long time ago. Today it was completed. Here you can watch some steps of the process and how it went, you could say, trough completely different paintings to end as this painting called “Water and grass”. It now only need to dry completely and to get a frame, white … or light green.

And couple of additions:

Die BundeslÀnder Deutschlands

An exercise in German and geography. A lot of exercises, actually.

Laminated material for work with a foil marker
Ordering by double names, single names and single names of the so called independent states
BundeslÀnder and their capitals

Working with two separate classifications – by given number and by color, connecting.

Just turn around the sheet, visual learning of states and capital cities.