A good things in life journal

Ha! Surprise!
No, it’s not end of the year and you didn’t get it.
I tought it’s the right time now and today for me to speak about it and to share my creative work and my experience with those modern journals.
I have had in the years many working journals but they were straight, plain and in a matter of fact nothing speciall. All right, sometimes the cover was with a beautiful picture or very stilish and sometimes I tended to set to work my creativity in using different colours or underlinings but that was it. More important were the schedules and the phone numbers I used to immortalise in my writings (a former boss of mine thought it was very important and I was very good in that coordination of information I don’t need anymore since a very long time now). Than I slowly begun to don’t need my pads and if I wanted to have some lists I created them as I managed. I used to fill occasionally only my wine journal as I wanted to write down somting about a wine that impressed me but this is a different story. At this time a friend of mine wanted from me to find her a bullet journal (an analog method for the digital age!). I hope she used it for her goals and had her joy in it. I haven’t any particular interest in this. If I want to be organised, I am! If I need to be organised, I am. In different times, in different ways.

At the end of the last year I came across with many beautiful ideas and their practical realisations. They are so many passionate and convinced journal users, I found out. One of the ideas was the happiness jar with one good thought for each day of the year. An other was a jornal of the positive thinking. So I decided sponaniously to combine them and to create my own journal from the scratch. Understand – to make also the textile binding and the lace ornaments of the paper pad and also I beautified the packiging of my ball-point pens in order everything about it to be beautiful and positive. So, let it be!

I used to write in this journal for more than 2 months. Every day. With a different colour each day so the colours float smoothly as a shiny rainbow on the sheets. If it happened to miss a day occasionally, I properly reminescenced the happenings in my life and writed down even not only one good thing a day but everything that I could charge for good. And it was all right for me, sometimes inspiring, sometimes it was also sad, if I couldn’t state a single good thing for the whole day.
In my opinion a such a journal is a helping friend if you would wish you to strike a balance for yourself: just where you are and how positivly/negativly thinking you are in this very moment. It helps you to train yourself in persistancy (if you need such a training at all) and to catch mentally the moment, and probably just to train your memory quality. More important: it helps you find and cherish the good things, you would sometimes miss, not apreciate or forget easily. Or to find for yourself the profound truth that good and bad are changing their identity and the real Good in ourselvs is actually something else!
Than I suddenly didn’t need it anymore!
I must do something with the journal in order not to lose completely the original idea to read it in front of the fireplace at the end of the year and to recall all the good things. But it will come alone, some day!
Here I would like to tell those of you who tend to blame themselfs for interrupting this kind of undertakings (this would include also an unfinished book or DIY project etc.): it isn’t wrong! It is not nessesery to do all the work in this world, even if you have the intention! Do you know also that, in some treatments the healer could take the treatment for the particular suffering for not any more needed if the person begins to forget about it? In other words, my inner voice said to me that I don’t need this kind of “healing” any more.
And I say: let the good things be and the bad things be, let it be life!

Happy Birthday on the suggestological way

So, it was a spring poem from a german poet and naturalist written for about 120 years now.
How do you learn it by heart? Just easy: on a suggestological way. You listen to the recitation: in the combimnation life and as a recording, with different voices, and you do at the same time some brooches to give to your teachers away (for example). The results: unexpected beautiful as you can see! Bonus: you learn many things also about the author because it seems interesting to you.
Today was the birthday of an interesting lady, a living history of the suggestology. What a better reason to show all this beauty!
Happy Birthday, Angelina Karaslavova!


Hoch oben von dem Eichenast
Eine bunte Meise läutet
Ein frohes Lied, ein helles Lied,
Ich weiß auch, was es bedeutet.

Es schmilzt der Schnee, es kommt das Gras,
Die Blumen werden blühen;
Es wird die ganze weite Welt
In Frühlingsfarben glühen.

Die Meise läutet den Frühling ein,
Ich hab’ es schon lange vernommen;
Er ist zu mir bei Eis und Schnee
Mit Singen und Klingen gekommen.

(Erstdruck 1901)

Hermann Löns
(1866 – 1914), deutscher Journalist, Schriftsteller, Naturforscher, Tierschilderer, Heide- und Liederdichter

Instead of Halloween and candies

Still very interesting for the kids but far away from the commercial, food additives with (un)konown consequences and most important – from unspoken bad influence in today’s world.
Take one apple or two and stay healthy. May God be with you!

A tree from many leaves

For best results first (press and) dry the leaves so they won’t lose colour in the time.